Conference: Open Classroom II Conference
Organized by: Lambrakis Research Foundation and EDEN - European Distance Education Network
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Education
Place: Crete
Country: Greece
From: 17.09.1997
To: 19.09.1997
Language(s): english
Description: Papers addressing issues of flexible learning as well as problems of flexibly accessing information and building knowledge in the forthcoming "Learning Society", particularly in Education at the School level, are welcome on the following four domains:
  • Educational Multimedia and flexible/open learning environments: on-line and off-line multimedia products to support open learning processes.
  • Distance learning services in Education at School level: application fields, user needs, technologies, communication infrastructure, IPR handling.
  • Operational models in School Education: learning models, classroom settings, school establishments, evaluation of products, of learning, of procedures, School-community interfaces.
  • "European Schools Network": national, European and international initiatives and pilot projects, financial support, good practice.
The papers must correspond to the štate-of-the-art" in Educational Technology, Educational Multimedia, Open and Distance Learning and School Education; those accepted by the Programme Committee have to contribute to the enhancement of knowledge in the areas of ODL and Educational Technology, in such a way as to help the decision-makers in Education and the public opinion, in their effort to face the challenges of the "Information Society".
Abstract: 31.03.1997
Contribution: 02.06.1997
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