Conference: Power System Protection PSP 2000
Organized by: University of Ljubljana Faulty of Electrical Engineering
Field: Electric Power System
Place: Hotel Park, Bled
Country: Slovenia
From: 27.09.2000
To: 29.09.2000
Language(s): English
Description: The PSP 2000 Conference should enable exchange of new ideas and practical experience between the power engineers and academia in the field of protective relaying and its integration into local control and automation concepts. The emphasis is both on the research results and practical applications. Topics of interests include, but are not restricted to new developments in the following areas: 1. Development of digital protection algorithms 2. Fault location 3. Disturbance analysis 4. New concepts in power system protection 5. Functional integration of protection, control, and telecommunication equipment 6. Reliability of protection schemes 7. Protection simulation and testing tools 8. Protection co-ordination and settings in market environment 9. Complex protection schemes for large system disturbances 10. Case studies
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Contribution: 31.03.2000
Registration: 15.08.2000
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fax 1: 386 61 1768 240    386 61 1264 651

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