Conference: Insurance Online
Organized by: ICM Group
Field: Banking and Finance
Place: Windows on the World, New York, NY
Country: US
From: 01.11.1999
To: 02.11.1999
Language(s): English
Description: This conference is crucial to you because e-commerce trends and consumer demands are driving competitive pressures on the insurance industry to offer products and policies online. In every venue, web-based retail has offered products for lower prices with better and faster service-feeding the demand for internet savvy consumers. To this end, it is imperative for insurance industry executives to execute a cost effective and practical agenda that will secure their future and existence in this fast-paced web-market. Insurance Online will mitigate the risk of being left behind, and quarantee your position in the market with strategies and technology infrastructure solutions for the future.
Additional information: To register, please call Jill Faulkner at 312-894-6392 or email at:
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Snail-mail 1: 303 E Wacker Drive, 20th Floor Chicago, IL 60601
tel 1: 312-894-6392    

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