Conference: VisSym '00 - Joint Eurographics - IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization
Field: Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Computer Science, Publishing, Chemistry
Place: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
From: 29.05.2000
To: 31.05.2000
Language(s): english
Description: Papers and case studies will form the scientific content of the event. Both research papers and case studies are invited that present research results from all areas of visualization. Case studies report on practical applications of visualization to data analysis.
Suggested topics for research papers include, but are not limited to: Flow visualization, Volume rendering, Surface extraction, Information visualization, Internet-based visualization, Data base visualization, Human factors in visualization, User interaction techniques, Visualization systems, Large data sets, Multi-variate visualization, Multi resolution techniques.
Case studies are invited from any application area, including: Physics, Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Finance, Mathematics, Hypermedia Structures, Data Mining.
Abstract: 03.12.1999
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