Organized by: Organisation: Marinus Spreen (University Maastricht), Ove Frank (Stockholm University), Tom Snijders (University of Groningen)
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis, Internet, Network analysis
Place: University Maastricht, Maastricht
Country: Netherlands
From: 02.03.2000
To: 04.03.2000
Language(s): english
Description: Social Network Analysis (SNA) does not have a strong research tradition concerning sampling issues. Network sampling theory has been largely neglected because SNA is mainly elaborated for small and completely observed networks. Network sampling theory covers a wide variety of research populations.
Each population will have its own specific problems with respect to the estimation of parameters and sampling designs. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss statistical, methodological, practical and theoretical problems for this variety of network populations.
Abstract: 20.12.1999
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