Conference: ALHAMBRA 2000 Conference
Organized by: Spanish Royal Mathematical Society
Field: Mathematics, Combinatorics
Place: Granada
Country: Spain
From: 03.07.2000
To: 07.07.2000
Language(s): english, ?
Description: The ALHAMBRA 2000 Conference includes the following events:
The ALHAMBRA 2000 European-Arabic Congress of Mathematics (with History of European and Arabic Mathematics and Mathematicians) that will deal with historical perspectives on contributions of both cultures to the present mathematical knowledge, and also will discuss about the state of the more relevant mathematical concepts over the centuries and the way they have evolved. Plenary lectures of the above subjects will be held in morning sessions, and short communications will be held.
Eight ALHAMBRA 2000 Symposia on current mathematical subjects to be held in afternoon parallel sessions. The Symposia serve as platforms for the presentation and discussion of the state of the art of topics in the list of scientific topics below, and they include lectures as well as short communications, either spoken or in the form of posters
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