Conference: Teaching and Learning in the New Millennium
Organized by: Chinese and Oriented Languages Information Processing Society (COLIPS)
School of Computing, National University of Singapore (SoC, NUS)
Field: Education, Computer Science, Internet
Place: Singapore
Country: Singapore
From: 29.05.2000
To: 31.05.2000
Language(s): english
Description: The rapid advancement in information technology, has brought forth the urgent needs of revision of pedagogical theories and methods in education. The common challenges facing educationists in this new Millenium, based on their accumulated practical experiences and strong theoretical knowledge, are in constructing new educational models to fully exploit the technological advantages. The question is to build theoretical frameworks that can integrate new resources, new technologies and new pedagogies, so as to enhance the professional standards of teaching
Abstract: 15.01.2000
Contribution: 15.04.2000
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