Conference: ERK'99 - Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference
Organized by: The IEEE Slovenia Section together with the Slovenian Electrotechnical Society and other Slovenian professional societies: Slovenian Society for Automatic Control, Slovenian Measurement Society (ISEMEC), SLOKO-CIGRE, Slovenian Society for Medical and Biological Engineering, Slovenian Society for Robotics, Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society, Slovenian Pattern Recognition Society, Slovenian Society for Simulation and Modeling, Slovenian Language Technologies Society (SLTS)
Field: Education, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Electrotechnic
Place: Portorož
Country: Slovenia
From: 23.09.1999
To: 25.09.1999
Language(s): English, Slovenian
Description: Videoconferences, invited lecturers, presentations and tutorials will be held in conjuction to the basic scientific program.
The following areas will be represented at the conference: electronics, telecommunications, automatic control, simulation and modeling, robotics, computer and information science, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, biomedical engineering, power engineering, measurements, didactics.
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Contribution: 20.07.1999
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