Conference: TESS - Text Encoding Summer School
Organized by: Oxford University's Humanities Computing Unit
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Oxford
Country: UK
From: 11.07.1999
To: 17.07.1999
Language(s): english
Description: By the end of the Summer School, delegates will:
  • have hands-on experience of digitizing texts using OCR
  • understand the principles of document analysis
  • understand the basics of the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) and XML (the eXtensible Markup Language)
  • have hands-on experience of marking-up an electronic text using the Text Encoding Initiative's TEI Lite Document Type Definition
  • have hands-on experience of SGML/XML authoring and browsing software
  • understand the issues involved in distributing SGML/XML documents
  • gain basic knowledge of the range of SGML/XML-aware software products available
  • have a clear basis for proceeding to implement an SGML/XML solution appropriate to the needs of their particular project
  • have discussed their work with experts in the field of text encoding

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Registration: 30.04.1999
URL 1: Summer school info
URL 2: Application

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