Conference: Workshop on correlated data modeling
Organized by: Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Trieste
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis
Place: Trieste
Country: Italy
From: 22.10.1999
To: 23.10.1999
Language(s): english
Description: Methods and applications of estimating equations for the analysis of correlated data in social, economic and bio-medical sciences.
The concept of correlated data is intended in a broad sense. In the definition are included spatial, temporal or other kind of correlation schemes. In the very last years there has been a growing interest in modeling such data, and a lot of models are essentially based on the scheme of the estimating functions. The immediate consequence has been an impressive growth of applications using such methods appeared in the specialized journals.
The workshop is aimed at giving an opportunity to people working in the applied sciences and statisticians and methodologists to meet and discuss together on this approach to correlated data
Abstract: 31.05.1999
Contribution: 01.10.1999
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