Conference: ILP'99 / The Ninth International Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming
Organized by:
Field: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science
Place: Hotel Park, Bled
Country: Slovenia
From: 24.06.1999
To: 26.06.1999
Language(s): english
Description: Submissions are invited that describe theoretical, empirical and applied research in all areas of ILP. This includes, for example, results concerning logical settings for ILP, learning in the context of higher-order logics and constraint logic programming, as well as ILP systems that use probabilistic techniques and heuristics. Contributions that describe the use of ILP approaches in areas such as natural language processing, knowledge discovery in databases, intelligent agents, information retrieval, etc. are encouraged. Submissions describing applications of ILP methods to real-world problems are especially welcome
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Contribution: 22.02.1999
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