Conference: ComNEd'99 / Communications and Networking in Education: Learning in a Networked Society
Organized by: The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and its Working Groups 3.1 (ICT on secondary education) and 3.5 (ICT on elementary education) in association with 3.6 (distance learning) under the Technical Committee on Education (TC3)
Field: Education, Computer Science, Internet, Distance Learning
Place: Hotel Aulanko, near Hämeenlinna
Country: Finland
From: 13.06.1999
To: 18.06.1999
Language(s): english
Description: In ComNEd ’99 the broad range of issues associated with the introduction of ICT into school education systems (pre-school through 18 years) will be explored through the following themes.
  • Theme 1: Learning processes and ICT
  • Theme 2: Supporting autonomous learners
  • Theme 3: The changing role of the teacher
  • Theme 4: Creating the school of the future
  • Theme 5: School systems in a networked society
  • Theme 6: The wider social context of learning

Abstract: 15.10.1998
Contribution: 02.11.1998
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