Conference: IDA-99 / The Third Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis
Organized by: Leiden University in cooperation with AAAI, CEPIS and NVKI.
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization
Place: Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
From: 09.08.1999
To: 11.08.1999
Language(s): english
Description: For many years the intersection of computing and data analysis contained menu-based statistics packages and not much else. Recently, statisticians have embraced computing, computer scientists are using statistical theories and methods, and researchers in all corners are inventing algorithms to find structure in vast online datasets. Data analysts now have access to tools for exploratory data analysis, decision tree induction, causal induction, function finding, constructing customised reference distributions, and visualisation, and there are intelligent assistants to advise on matters of design and analysis. There are tools for traditional, relatively small samples and also for enormous datasets. In all, the scope for probing data in new and penetrating ways has never been so exciting.
Our aim is for IDA-99 to bring together a wide variety of researchers concerned with extracting knowledge from data, including people from statistics, machine learning, neural networks, computer science, pattern recognition, database management, and other areas. The strategies adopted by people from these areas are often different, and a synergy results if this is recognised. IDA-99 is intended to stimulate interaction between these different areas, so that more powerful tools emerge for extracting knowledge from data and a better understanding is developed of the process of intelligent data analysis.
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Contribution: 01.02.1999
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