Conference: 17th British Combinatorial Conference
Organized by: British Combinatorial Committee and Institute of Mathematics and Statistics University of Kent at Canterbury
Field: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Computer Science
Place: University of Kent at Canterbury
Country: UK
From: 12.07.1999
To: 16.07.1999
Language(s): english
Description: The Conference will have a special emphasis on combinatorial computing. The Local Organisers will seek to promote knowledge and understanding of up-to-date methodology in combinatorial computing. The Local Organisers invite prospective delegates to suggest ways - perhaps innovative - in which this aim can be achieved. As in the 1997 Conference, the Local Organisers plan to have demonstrations of combinatorial software; these demonstrations are likely to be spaced throughout the week, and some of them may well be repeated; people wishing to demonstrate combinatorial software should contact the Local Organisers. Other 'educational' sessions on combinatorial computing may be arranged, and possible speakers at such sessions are invited to propose themselves to the Local Organisers.
Abstract: 01.06.1999
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