Conference: ASC'99 - Third International Conference on Survey and Statistical Computing
Organized by: The Association for Survey Computing
Field: Statistics, Mathematics, OR, Internet, Social Science, Data Analysis
Place: The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Country: Scotland, UK
From: 22.09.1999
To: 24.09.1999
Language(s): english
Description: Contributed papers will be refereed and will address topics covering all aspects of survey and statistical computing, including, but not limited to: Case studies, Computer aided data capture technologies, Data interchange, Data management and database design, Data modelling techniques and data visualisation, Data quality, editing and imputation, Dissemination of survey results, Meta-data and survey documentation, Networking technology and its impact, Quantitative and Qualitative data handling, Sample and field management, Sample design and weighting, Secondary data, Statistical languages, Surveys and the Internet, Survey systems.
Abstract: 14.12.1998
Contribution: 01.03.1999
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