Conference: Creativity and Mathematics Education
Organized by: Westf. Wilhelms-Universitaet, Muenster
Field: Mathematics, Computer Science, Education
Place: Muenster
Country: Germany
From: 15.07.1999
To: 19.07.1999
Language(s): english, german
Description: Mathematics looks different through the eyes of a child. The conference will concentrate on these views and meet especially the needs of younger children (age about 5-15). The goal of the conference will be an exchange of ideas and experiences rather than sitting and listening. The conference will concentrate on practical issues. We will have workshops, presentations of successful projects, activity displays, discussion groups on posters, reports on practical experiences, and exhibitions including manipulatives and audio-visual and emotional components. The international and multicultural input may open new views on traditional curriculae and may stimulate activities for the benefit of our young generation. The main language will be English. There will be one strand in German. The audience will be teachers, teacher educators, and all who are interested in the subject of the conference.
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Contribution: 28.02.1999
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